10 Reasons to Join a Golf Club

There are thousands of golfers that don’t claim a home course and decide to play different courses throughout the year. Each club has their own style that makes them unique, and there are clubs that exist for every demographic of golfer: men and women, seniors and millennials, beginners and scratch golfers. There’s also a wide variety of events that these groups hold, from competitive individual tournaments, to team competitions, to skins games, to social outings.

Here are our top 10 reasons why joining a golf club will enhance your golfing experience:

1. Community

While you may initially join a group for the golf, you’ll likely stay because of the people you meet. What starts with meeting new people and joining in a celebratory drink or two after a round can turn into lifelong friendship.

2. Fun

Most clubs will tell you that their primary function is to provide fun, social golf outings. After all, golf is just a game, right? No matter your skill level, you’ll be able to find fun on the course with a great group of people.

3. Competition

Just because you’re having fun doesn’t mean you can’t have some friendly competition along the way. Most clubs offer regular tournaments with a chance to win prizes, cash, or even take home the Club Championship trophy.

4. Get a Handicap Index

Think you’re not good enough to compete? As a member of a golf club, you’ll also establish an official Handicap Index, which allows you to compete with any golfer, regardless of skill level.

5. Get Better

You won’t get any better with your clubs collecting dust in the garage. Most golf clubs host a minimum of one event a month, with some even playing multiple days a week. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to break out the sticks and improve your game. You’ll also meet some helpful members to give you pointers along the way.

6. Efficiency

Tired of always being the one that has to organize the group and find a tee time, only to have your foursome bail at the last minute? As a club member, you’ll always have a group, and all you have to do is show up and play golf.

7. Learn the Rules

Whether you’re never sure what to do after you shanked a ball into the woods or tired of your partner making up rules as they go along, you’ll always find someone who can give you the proper ruling. Stop taking those extra mulligans and start tracking your actual scores!

8. Business Connections

Whether you are looking for more clients or trying to land a new job, this is a great opportunity to meet hundreds of new people from all different industries and professions.

9. Find a Mentor

From picking up a few pointers on your swing to gaining insights for life off the course, you’ll always find someone at your club willing to help and provide guidance.

10. Figuring out The Meaning of Life

One of the best ways to get to know someone is by spending a few hours with them out on the course. It’s amazing how many deep, meaningful conversations you can have with people from all walks of life while enjoying the greatest sport on earth.

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