How To Choose A Golf And Sports Club Membership

Firstly, you should note down your reasons for joining a club. Is it your interest in golf and the course itself that attracts you, or is it the facilities, amenities and dining options? Are social events, entertainment facilities, and opportunities to network your priority… or all of the above?

The wide range of clubs memberships available offers many choices. There are true country clubs – these offer a wide variety of amenities from golf to sports to leisure and even equestrian facilities. These types of clubs are especially appealing to families due to the availability of other family-oriented amenities aside from the golf facilities.

And then there are the true golf clubs – these have their emphasis on the quality of the golfing experience. For the true golf enthusiasts or the potential single member, these clubs may turn out to be a better option as there is a clear focus on the golf course and practice facilities. However, many golf and country clubs strive for a balance between the two categories of golf and sports recreation.

Next, think about the amount of time you plan to spend at the club. This will give you an indication of how much use you will gain from your club membership. Another consideration is the location of the club – is it conveniently located to your home or office? These considerations will undoubtedly impact on the choice of your club. Finally, have a general budget in mind so you can properly assess the affordability of club membership fees and dues.

Now, with your list of preferences and needs in hand, it’s time to gather information on the golf and sports club memberships that fits your requirements. Check out the clubs’ website for detailed information. Comparing several clubs can be an arduous task as not every club presents their information on the website in the same way.

You can also check out our website – – for a condensed and simplified way to compare. While not detailed, we have compiled the clubs’ information on amenities and facilities in a consistent manner to make comparisons easier.

If you know someone who is already a member of the club you are interested in, you can always ask them. This may be the best way to get inside information and their feelings and opinions of the clubs you are considering. They may also have gone through what you are going through now in choosing the right club so they might be helpful with information on other clubs on your list too.

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